© photo by Jeff Day

Simón Trujillo

Faculty Fellow

Assistant Professor, Department of English, Faculty of Arts & Science
Project: Land Uprising: Mystical Materialism and the Indigenous Reclamation of the Americas

Simón Ventura Trujillo is an Assistant Professor of Latina/o Studies in the English Department at New York University. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he teaches and researches on Chicana/o and Latina/o literature, Borderland methodologies, decolonial social movements, and comparative racialization in the Americas. Grounded in the locality of New Mexico, his book project unpacks the labor of Indigenous land reclamation as a cross-racial and transnational intellectual labor on the politics of reading and writing. By engaging writings by La Alianza Federal de Mercedes, Leslie Marmon Silko, Ana Castillo, Simon Ortiz, and the EZLN, this project shuttles between colonial, national, and neoliberal periodicities and highlights submerged points of convergence between Indigenous North and Latin America. It thus offers a different take on Chicana/o and Indigenous cultural studies as fields constituted through intertextual and intersubjective relations that break down the abstract divisions between religion, history, politics, economy, and culture.