© photo by Jeff Day

(2020-2021) Developing a ‘Publications Page’ for NYU’s Prison Education Program (PEP) Website

Digital Humanities Seed Grant Project

Project Title: Developing a ‘Publications Page’ for NYU’s Prison Education Program (PEP) Website

Principal Investigator: Thomas Jacobs, Clinical Assistant Professor, NYU Writing Center & PEP Faculty

This project will establish a website that showcases the finest writing generated by students enrolled in NYU’s Prison Education Project. Unlike many websites that publish diaristic writing from the incarcerated, this website focuses on displaying students’ abilities as critical and creative thinkers fully capable of engaging in rigorous academic and scholarly work. The aim is to provide a wider forum for these students’ work and to illustrate the intellectual integrity of incarcerated students’ academic potential in ways that are not reflected in the existing publishing platforms. By highlighting their ability to see connections across disparate texts, to situate their experiences within the context of a broader intellectual history, and to use theoretical texts as prisms to deepen and expand the meaning and significance of a range of evidence, this project hopes to contribute to the reshaping of perceptions and understanding of the incarcerated.

Visit the project website.