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Humanities+ | Collaborative Research

April 20, 2022 | 6:00 pm7:30 pm EDT

In the spring of 2022 the Center for the Humanities will offer two workshops on collaborating across the humanities disciplines and beyond. The first event will explore collaborative teaching (April 6) and the second will look at collaborative research (April 20).

Collaboration is highly rewarding, often resulting in the development of new areas of expertise and methods. Barriers and hierarchies can also be broken down by working with colleagues and students with diverse expertise, and yet collaborative teaching and research are unusual in the humanities. What are the benefits of collaborating? What are the challenges?

Join us for a discussion on collaborative research. Benjamin Schmidt (Director of Digital Humanities and Clinical Associate Professor of History) and Bryan Zehngut Willits (PhD candidate in History) work collaboratively as members of the Asylum H-Lab, and Leif Weatherby (Associate Professor of German) and Ryan Healey (PhD candidate in English) are members of the Digital Theory Lab team. These labs began under the Bennett-Polonsky Humanities Lab program at NYU, which fosters non-hierarchical, interdisciplinary research. Borrowing from the science and studio arts models of collaboration, H-Labs are intensive experiences involving both faculty and graduate students from different disciplines across the university. Lab teams together explore big topics that demand investigation from a multitude of directions and approaches, and result in new knowledge and areas of expertise.

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